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One Man BannedTV Review

Reviewed: 2004-07-14
Quick site rank and complete review of One Man BannedTV | Categories: European, Megasites, Pornstar, Video

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silver rank
Our Rating: 86/100

Quality of Content: 22/25

Purchase Value: 17/20

Leased/Own Content: 13/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For OneManBannedTV

User Rating: 57/100 - based on 175 votes.

Price & Payment Options

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Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

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Standard price: $74.95 (90 days, non recurring)

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Standard price: $99.95 (180 days, non recurring)

Tour Promises

This should be the biggest site featuring the work of One Eyed Jack (one of the most known UK pornographers). Hours of high quality exclusive movies and thousands of bonus pictures are promised on the tour.

My Opinion About OneManBannedTV

3 sites

Updated by Ultra on 7/14/2004: Since Matuloo reviewed this site about 3 months ago, there has been a significant amount of content added to . There has been a new movie added each week since then and each of these vary in file size from 100mb to almost 300mb. At a guess there’s probably been just under 2 gigs added. Bear in mind the stuff that has been added is One Eyed Jacks newer material that won't be available on DVD or to buy for some time. Still well worth a visit. This fantastic site has just got better. Rate raised by 1 point, so a Gold medal now!End of Update, original review follows below :

OneManBanned.TV is a site focusing almost exclusively on the work of one of the most known UK photographers One Eyed Jack. Now I really don't know whether he is blind on one eye, but in case he is, that one eye left is a damn good one :-) Just kidding, we all know why he chose a nick like that, don't we? :)

This site uses an interesting payment system, so let me tell you a bit more about it, prior to moving on with the review. OneManBannedTV uses the DRM (Digital Rights Managements) technology to protect their movies. In other words you have to purchase a license in order to watch the movies. This can be done in two ways, you either become a standard member or purchase certain amount of Tokens. In case you become a member, you can download and watch as much movies as you want, but once you cancel your membership to this site, you won't be able to watch these movies again. In case of the tokens, you pay 10-15 tokens for each movie and the license remains your forever, allowing you to watch the movies over and over again.

To be honest, I don't like this system at all, but I m afraid this is the way adult studios are heading, with so much illegal copies of their products floating around the net. On the other hand, the tokens are not that expensive and it's a good alternative to standard trial memberships. Once you are sure you like the movies, you can become a member and watch everything you want. After all, porn movies are not that type of movies you will watch more than 2 or 3 times, right? :)

So what exactly has this site to offer? Movies, movies, movies and more movies, accompanied with a lot of bonus stuff like pics and liveshows. There are currently 5 series of exclusive movies available :

The Naughty Shorties Series - straight to the point, no talking just fucking :)
British Bangers Housecalls Series - reality based amateur videos, shot in models homes.
The Lubed Series - solo masturbation action featuring British girls.
A Candid Look at the Photoshoots - behind the scenes footage.
The Naughty Shorties Photo Sessions - more behind the scenes footage.
Wife Watchers Confidential - Johnny Rebel in hard action with real wives and girlfriends.

These exclusive movies are offered in excellent quality, encoded at over 1000kbps which is more than enough. There are already over 100 movies (over 20 GB) in the members section, each of them between 15-30 minutes long. Every movies is downloadable in one piece, which is very nice. All in all, this video section is really awesome. Updates are done one or twice a week, so it should grow pretty quickly.

Besides these exclusive movies, there are also non-exclusive ones available. The "One Eyed Jack Archives" contains about 80 scenes, that are available only for streaming. Each of them is 10-20 minutes long. Although this is a movie site, pictures are not absent, there are many thousands of them available in the "Amateur Hardcore" section. It looks like a leased feed, but these are good pics and there is a lot of them, plus new pics are added daily. In case you like to watch liveshows, OneManBannedTV has got you covered, giving you access to the Camz network, which is one of the biggest around.

Final Verdict

OneManBannedTV is an excellent site and in case you like the work of One Eyed Jack it's a must for you. Like I mentioned above, I m not exactly happy with their billing system and the use of DRM technology, but if it doesn't bother you, I can only recommend you to join this site. If nothing else, buy the smallest Tokens package and see for yourself. Highly recommended.

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Membership to OneManBannedTV includes access to a number of additional paysites - see below.
Note : The list contains only sites we have already reviewed, more sites can be included in the deal.

Date Site Name Description Rating
2004-07-14OneManBannedTVExcellent video site featuring the work of One Eyed Jack.86
2004-09-02BritishBukkakeBabesGood, but a bit small bukkake video site - lots of cum inside.83
2004-07-21RealCouplesNice video site showcasing hardcore videos of UK amateur couples.79

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User Comments

2012 Aug 24, 15:35, Dg
I'm very hot

2006 Jan 07, 10:42, uk
good selection but you're unable to download the films in small parts meaning that you must download the entire file.

2005 Dec 28, 02:15, UK
Stunningly good site - tons of content.

2005 Nov 19, 09:34, USA
Is everyone to dumb to work DRM? Over half of the movies don't even use it and they have some seriously great content :))

2005 Sep 06, 11:47, UK
The link for DRM seems to have expired...I just joined the site and the completely unneccessary "License Aquisition" request goes nowhere so u can't watch the movies once u download them anyway....RUBBISH!

2005 Sep 06, 11:44, us
I joined recently and downloaded one of their movies...on trying to watch it on media player 9 however it wouldn't play and instead all u get is a "License Aquisition" request fm DRMnetworks. The link has expired and the page for the license cannot be found so joining this site results in NOTHING---cookies turned on or not...

2004 Oct 05, 04:42, Ireland
Wonderful movies on this site

2004 Jul 14, 16:46, Out-there
I liked about half of the girls, some are very hot, some are not. The best series are the lubed videos, great close-up action. Took me two months to browse all the videos, nice work guys.

2004 Jun 12, 02:17, USA
Tons of great movies and great quality to

2004 May 04, 23:36, US

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